Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tour Diary - Seattle Crazy Hot

I heard someone say it was the hottest day in the history of Seattle. I haven't looked it up but I'm going with it. Challenging, yes. But not as much for me as the people who've never felt this before - a little grouchy! A look of panic in the eyes...

Cooled down a little at night, though we finished our set pretty damp, everyone hugging each other lightly with tacky skin and beaded-sweat foreheads. The Beautiful Clarks were as great as I thought they'd be, solid songs, mellow but strong playing. Amanda Skylar Burleson was beautiful too - piano and guitar tones, lovely voice. It was a wonderful bill.

Pretty Seattle sunset as the smog hangs around.

We had a fun time playing once we got going, the hard part is setting up in the heat. Playing is always fun. Great crowd, real listeners, friends, family, new people, all kind people.

I love being in a town I don't live in...traveling. It's so much easier to notice people - a man walking into a church with a slow limp, the guy in the ice cream truck blasting music with a good beat in a language i don't know, mamas walking their babies down the sidewalk, it's all more poignant. And the trees are different here - more firs, more types I don't know about, all blended together in a way i'm not used to, it's refreshing.

We're playing in Eugene on the radio live on Friday! KLLC are the call-letters - on at 4:15 you can listen live! More later. Much love, thanks for all your support and orders and hugs.

Jessica and Max

Amazing clouds yesterday in the 110 degree heat - we used the iphone for an ap that finds ice cream - so Baskin Robins in Centralia - mint chip of coarse - a great stop, a treat, finding our way around a little town, sorta broken down but with charm.

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