Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tour Diaries - Salem! 105!

We had a beautiful drive, 11 hours to Salem in clear blue sky weather. Seemed all good in the car but we watched the temp climb to 110 in some places. Good old subaru held up, good girl.

We had a blast playing for the good people in Salem, sitting in an un-air-conditioned cafe, in the heat, and waiting for us to play. They sweated it out, and clapped and sang, and we drank iced water and laughed at drenched shirts but did good.

Easterly is one of my favorite bands, Noah's gorgeous voice, the sweet melodies, the rocking drums and bass make it such a pleasure to be around. Thanks so much for playing!

Off now to Seattle, eating apples, pretzels, talking about social media and food and Obama in the car. Good times.

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Sandy said...

I love your blog -- I feel like I am traveling right along with you and loving every minute of it!!