Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seattle Show July 29th: The Beautiful Clarks and Amanda Burleson

Joining me in Seattle on July 29th at Tost Lounge:

The Beautiful Clarks (Listen)

Lovely, mellow and full of heart alt-country tunes. Damien Jurado and Rosie Thomas, sing on their album. Here's a live review from Three Imaginary Girls

Given that it was a Tuesday night, I expected the Sunset to be at least a bit subdued. To my surprise, I walked into a nearly full venue and a crowd of animated show goers. Of a four-band bill, I must concede that the Clarks were the draw for me...

Fittingly enough, Hatcher began the Beautiful Clarks set with "Bended Knee." He played it solo, just his voice and a lap steel. Wearing overalls and spectacles, sporting a well-coiffed mustache, he looks the part of a southern gent. His voice is soulful beyond his years, still clear and strong. The rowdy venue was nearly silent throughout the song...

Hatcher's lyrics created landscapes, ones full of longing and heartache. He sings of "barges singing" and perfectly evokes fall with a simple description of "red and yellow leaves." The line "how I lied to you" was delivered with a mischievous grin. Rather than seeming sinister, it's simply comical; Hatcher's face made it clear he couldn't resist smiling. His voice rolls across that line like a drunken confession. The accompaniment matched each picture in tone and soul. My plus one pointed out there were no tuners onstage; Sparks and Hatcher simply bend the strings to arrive at the right note.

And Amanda Burleson (Listen)

Softly floating, poetic and soothing. Her influences are listed as

The Zeitgeist of childhood, loneliness, boredom, heartbreak, drunkenness, stupor, love and surrender. Musically speaking: Bjork, Thom Yorke, Satie, Daniel Johnston, Brian Eno, Cranes, Nina Simone, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Sol Seppy, etc.

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