Monday, July 27, 2009

Carcrashlander - Playing with us in Portland


This band was one of the few I could really listen to in the months of deep sadness this past year. Cory Gray is the main songwriter/singer, and he gets to a place that's deep and rumbling but gentle. Gets to an underneath place and then speaks softly but firmly, of what's there. It's dark but not dramatic, it's like a foggy night and you can hear a rock band in the distance. Piano, textured synth, tasteful bass and rumbly drums, it's my kind of sound. says Carcrashlander treats us to "sprawling, artistic indie rock that is awash in atmosphere and melody... the real treat is the strolling build Driveway, which brings a sublimely pretty pop haze to a soaring climax."

Cory plays piano on the album, he also plays the trumpet and various horns. When we recorded Crepusculo in Portland with John Askew producing/recording, he recommended this horn player to come add some parts. His name sounded really familiar to me, and after a few days I figured it out - we'd taken piano lessons together as kids in Santa Rosa, CA, many years before! It was great to see him again, both of us all growns up, still playing our tunes, remembering those highschool days, and in Portland at the same time.

Come check them out this Thursday July 30th in Portland at Berbati's Pan with Petracovich!
If you know Portland peeps, tell them about the show, send them along!
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