Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Strange Cake

Yesterday I had cake at my bank! Yes, we celebrated with balloons too!

Why? Well, it's like this. MY bank failed and then was bought by this other mega bank, and so they made a cake for everyone!

We, making our deposits, in line, could have some - chocolate or vanilla, with awesome black frosting in industrial letters that said CHASE. And blue frosting for their cool insignia.

Except that by the time I got there it just said ASE, and the black was sort of bleeding into the white frosting. And the blue frosting was smeared around the foil that the cake was on.

And it was all pretty gross.

But I got to write this blog in my mind while I was staring at it in line, so it was all worth it.

Bye Wamu, I eat cake and wave goodbye, to whatever you were and whatever is replacing you. The world is weird. It was always weird, and now it's just very apparent.

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