Friday, March 6, 2009

First Show Tomorrow

Tomorrow I go to Grass Valley, CA to play a show at the Coppertop Lounge. It's in honor of my step-mom Cath, her birthday, and I'm playing with my step-sister Bri, who's releasing an album in April.

I've been sitting at the piano and playing the tunes, singing away.

This is the first show since I had my baby, so it is a big landmark, sign-post, lightbulb, a big deal. It's right that it will be me and the piano, simple and true, to start back in.

I miss my baby, and now I sing for him. It goes along with all the changes of my heart and body that come with making a baby inside me, and then letting him go. That tenderness and softness is where music comes from now, it is like a crystal cave, dark and light at the same time, loud and soft, more open than before. I know he hears me.

I practiced with Max the amazing drummer on Monday, and it was satisfying to hear those drums again, to sing loud with the microphone again, to be back in that mode.
It is good to play WITH people, to join those sound waves together, it's a good drug.

So here's to the first step of the next phase of the road, to more music, more songs, more shows, more life.


theo said...

Hey Jess,

I just checked in with your blog. I hope the show went well and it made me smile to hear you were participating in such a heartful event. Peace and love to you.


Visually Inspired said...

beautiful jessica!!!