Monday, June 1, 2009

On Writing - Walgreens

Walked into Walgreens today and I love the smell of that place.

Brings me back to being a small child at Hoy's 5 and dime with my Grandparents at the shore. When the gift of a plastic ball fom a big bin of other plastic balls with marbly blue and pink colors on it was heaven.

And what is the 32 year old Jessica's equivalent of a marbly blue and pink plastic ball?

A composition notebook.

Blank lined pages. Big enough to write freely, cheap enough to not edit my thoughts, the right space between the lines - and this one was purple. I thought I'd go for purple for the first time.

I remembered today how important it is to write those 3 pages every morning - not songwriting, just whatever comes out. Not trying to make it sound any certain way. And the composition notebook is just the key to make that happen. Little pretty journals are harder to write in.

This to me is a big key to writing. When you're TRYING to sound poetic, it's not convincing. Practing writing about nothing really gets a nice flow going, so that when I do go into my studio and press record, I'm already all flowy and purged.

And then it's just fun.

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