Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pictures from Recording in Portland

We had such a good time recording with John Askew in Portland. We split our time between Type Foundry and Secret Society as we were tracking. I played this awesome old rickety piano with tons of personality and the ghosts of many song-filled fingers hovering over it.  Type Foundry is in an industrial sort of area, as you can see, with an awesome bridge sprawling out over the river right beyond the driveway. The floors are wooden, the light is from the window, pretty rare for a  studio to have natural light.  Max is playing the drums and he nailed it. We had so much fun. We ate so much! Being pregnant I just couldn't get enough. I made everyone else gain weight too!  Secret Society is all red and plush and new and quiet, sort of the opposite in feel of Type Foundry, a great balance to strike for our project.  Up at the top, that's John on the left, me (Jessica) in the middle, and Max on the left. 

 I'd highly recommend working with John - he's got great ideas, is a talented musician and songwriter himself, he makes you feel great after every take, and knows how to streamline the process to get it all done and done as close to your idea as you can get it.  He holds a great space for creativity to come out. His site is http://filmg.com/ 


littlebluesuitcase said...

it was so much fun. can we do it again?


Josephine Tournier Ingram said...

Fun! I'm LOVING your new album. Best one yet!